1. "What are we but a spectacle of self-defeat?"
    — The Peripatetic Coffin
    Ethan Rutherford
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    A bride leaves for the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, New York, 1987.Photograph by Jodi Cobb, National Geographic

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  4. "Kim Kardashian will make over $85 million from her new smartphone game. Which I think means we have to stop calling them smartphones."
    — Seth Meyers (via latenightseth)
  5. You’re his daddy, Forrest.

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    Friends, I’ve launched a kickstarter to turn my 16 month bicycle trip into the novel I’ve wanted to write for ten years. If you can, please help me make this dream a reality and change my life, and hopefully be a real part of your future favorite book. I’m gonna work my ass off to make it great. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/515988383/oregon-to-patagonia-novel-of-a-journey

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  9. I find this to be really quite hilarious.


  10. Oh my, oh my, oh my.


  11. A poem very likely taught to Martha and Linda by their mother, Anna

    I didn’t want to go to school
    I hated every single rule.
    And so I took my picture-book
    And went beside the meadow-brook.
    I sat myself beneath a tree
    And spread my book upon my knee,
    But then I could not see, you know,
    Because the sunbeams flickered so.
    And casting my two eyes around,
    I saw the ants upon the ground
    All making nests within the sand
    Oh, such a merry, busy band.
    There wasn’t one who stopped to play,
    They worked and worked and worked away.
    And this is what I heard them say,
    "Fi, naughty child to run away
    For time is ever on the wing
    It doesn’t stop for anything.”
    I was ashamed that I, who knew much better
    Didn’t try.
    And so I closed my picture-book
    And left the lovely meadow-brook.
    With all its sunshine, all its birds
    I went to school to study words.
    I read my lessons o’er and o’er
    Much better than I had before,
    Until the letters seemed to dance
    And then they looked like little ants
    And this is what I heard them say, 
    "Ah my scholar, work away,
    For time is ever on the wing
    It doesn’t stop for anything.”


    My grandmother used to recite this poem to my brother and I when we were children. She and her sister were taught this poem by their mother when they were just children, and it is one of the only things that my grandmother passed on. I am saving it here, where I can always find it, and where others can enjoy it.

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    **Editor’s Note: Full time in the opener. Brazil 3 - 1 Croatia. As such, Carl 1 - Tess 0.


    As per intellect goes I have chosen a hearty challenger to see who between us can effectively pick the ultimate World Cup winner. In recent years the World Cup has seen a host of animals making match…

    This is brilliant.