2. This looks so pretty. But it looks like SO much food. I know after three bites I would be like, “How much more of this I gotta eat to get to that yogurt?”

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    That is the saddest giraffe I’ve ever seen.

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    Late Night writer Bryan Donaldson tells Vulture how his hilarious Twitter account landed him a gig in 30 Rock! 

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    they were rescued from a testing lab, they’ve never walked on grass before

    Marlboro cigarettes (N)


    All the feels.

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  8. a pile of stones

    sitting harmlessly

    next to an adulterous woman,

    caught in her sin and shame

    a pile of stones

    once brandished to bring pain

    were dropped

    and sat in stacks

    forming an altar of sorts

    bearing witness to the swift redemption

    of unconditional love


  9. "

    Someone I loved once gave me
    a box full of darkness.

    It took me years to understand

    that this, too, was a gift.

    — Mary Oliver (via thewhiteswanproject)

  10. "When a man says he hears angels singing, he hears angels singing."
    — Mary Oliver

  11. here by the water

    Here by the Water
    Jim Croegaert

    Soft field of clover
    Moon shining over the valley
    Joining the song of the river
    To the great giver of the great good

    As it enfolds me
    Somehow it holds me together
    I realize I’ve been singing
    Still it comes ringing
    Clearer than clear

    And here by the water
    I’ll build an altar to praise Him
    Out of the stones that I’ve found here
    I’ll set them down here
    Rough as they are

    Knowing You can make them holy
    Knowing You can make them holy
    Knowing You can make them holy

    I think how a yearning
    Has kept on returning to move me
    Down roads I’d never have chosen
    Half the time frozen
    Too numb to feel

    I know it was stormy
    I hope it was for me a learning
    The blood on the road wasn’t mine though
    Someone that I know
    Has walked here before

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    "Why do you have a sword?"
    "Because I’m a knight."


  13. "Let me get my things."

    "Where we’re going, dear, your things won’t be needed. Everything is already prepared."


    "Yes, dear. We’ve been waiting for you."

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    Illustrations by Ed Fairburn


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  15. her voice carried

    on the wind

    sounding across canyons

    swimming across rivers

    stretching across oceans

    and as it kissed his ear

    he lifted

    his head

    and shut

    his eyes


    his mouth fell slack

    like a hound

    basking in the warmth

    of the sun

    as its light settles

    on his face just so

    with the wind bringing

    scents and kisses

    reminding him

    that his being a hound

    is a good and perfect thing.